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The rail bed was cleared and graded for a distance of 3 miles north of Three Lakes.

The old logging route on Wausau Paper land was cleared and then multiple truckloads of sand and gravel were brought in to level and smooth the surface.

We believe this route was once used by a narrow gauge rail system as part of a logging operation.

Looking south, this will be the north abutment for the new bridge that will cross Mud Creek.

Though most of the Trail will be quite flat there will be some small hills along the way.

There is a nice mix of trees along the Trail through the Wausau Paper Company property.

In a few places it was necessary to cut a new path through the woods. This is between the sites of north boardwalk and the bridge.

Big equipment is needed to clear the Trail prior to grading.

Grading clears the way for the base layer of sand and gravel.

It is not fun to be stuck in an 80,000 pound dump truck.

The construction vehicles need to wait their turn to access the Trail.

This section is waiting for sand, gravel and limestone. Then it will be ready for three full seasons of fun times through the beautiful north woods!

Some sections are already ready to ride. Final preparation of the limestone surface will take place in May of 2007.

Site of the Mud Creek Bridge looking north from the south abutment.

This limestone is ready for grading and compaction.

There will be a few sections of the Trail with a bit more elbow room.

Brush and stump removal is part of the project.

Some people just can’t wait to get out and use the Trail. And, everyone is welcome to explore it – just be extremely careful to avoid any encounters with construction equipment.

Three inch diameter galvanized steel helical piling is used to support the boardwalks in wetland areas.

The pilings are turned into the marsh soil using powerful hydraulics. All work is performed with minimal
environmental impact.

2” x 12” timbers are used to tie the helical pilings together.

The 2”x10” stringers are overlapped and braced for maximum strength.

Taking shape and starting to look like a boardwalk.

Railings are in place to provide a safe route across boardwalk #1.

Build as you go is the procedure that had to be followed on Boardwalk #2 as it traverses a Black Spruce Swamp.

Guiding the next piling to be sure it goes in straight on Boardwalk #2.

Sunset on Boardwalk #1.

Even in winter the Trail beckons. And the Trail north of Rice Lake road is available for cross country skiing and snowshoeing through the winter. (the section from Three Lakes to Rice Lake Road is a groomed snowmobile trail during snowmobile season.)

The new bridge over Mud Creek. Smooth approaches should be added before the end of May.

The view from the new bridge will give a new perspective over the river landscape. Beaver, Otter and various waterfowl are often evident.




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