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The Three Eagle Trail offers examples of the three major components of the region’s cultural history: Forestry, Agriculture and Tourism.

In the Three Lakes Area, cranberry production is still a significant activity with several active marshes. The southern end of the trail is only about 1/2 mile from two marshes on highway A, just south of Don Burnside Park. About five miles north, the trail passes another active marsh.

The trail also passes through a wooded area formerly owned by Wausau Paper Company. Many of the trees growing on this land had been managed for future timber harvest. This section of the Trail is now under private ownership and management.

The tourism aspect of the trail is evident in the beautiful terrain it crosses, made up of woodland, lakes, streams and wetlands. The scenery and wild life are spectacular examples of why so many city dwellers are drawn to the area.

We’re currently researching a detailed history of the trail for future inclusion on this website. In the meantime, for more information on the history of the communities served by the trail we encourage you to check these listings:


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